What's going on with Rennsport? Part 2

We wrote previously about Rennsport and their general lack of communication as well as the very slow development process. We also wrote a short review on the Rennsport closed beta and didn't really look further into the game till now.

New Roadmap

Rennsport released a brand new roadmap for the game detailing the various milestones that we can expect over the coming months. The roadmap breaks down 2024 into four quarters with one milestone per quarter.

Rennsport Roadmap 2024

Q1 - Time Trial

This milestone includes the inclusion of the Goodwood Hillclimb, day/night transitions and a new Time Trial Mode. The release date for this is 27 March 2024.

Rennsport Goodwood Hillclimb

Q2 - Progression

No specific content is mentioned here but the new features will include a new ranking system, some new cars and tracks and a new vehicle class. The release date for this must still be announced.

Q3 - Early Access

With no date for this milestone, we're assuming that it won't be later than the end of September 2024. This would then mean that everyone can get access to Rennsport and we're also assuming that the game will have a lot more content and features than it has now.

Q4 - Endurance

This milestone also has no date for release and does not mention any features or content. However, the name "Endurance" leads us to think that this milestone will introduce endurance racing with driver swaps, long-distance team-based races and maybe even new classes of vehicles like prototypes in the LMP2 and Hypercar categories.

Final thoughts

The good news about this is that Rennsport is finally giving us some information on what they have planned for the game. The bad news is that they didn't give us a lot of information. In fact, besides the Q1 release date, no other release date was given with very little actual information regarding cars, tracks and features.

We won't be surprised if the first date gets pushed back and if early access moves to next year. We have very little faith in Rennsport and still think that their focus on eSports instead of working with the community to release a game that we all want is to their detriment.

However, if we're wrong and Rennsport sticks to their own schedule and releases everything as planned, then stay tuned for our apology. We would love to be wrong about this to add Rennsport to a growing list of amazing racing sims for 2024.

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