New content released for Raceroom

Sector3 Studios, the developers behind Raceroom Racing Experience just released some new content for the game that came as a nice surprise today. The new content comprises one brand-new track and 19 liveries for the Ferrari 296 GT3.

Circuit De Pau-Ville

Situated in the south of France, Circuit De Pau-Ville is a narrow street circuit that combines both tight and twisty sections with high-speed straights. It's 2.76km long track that opened in 1933 and remains in use to this day.

It's been the venue of various open-wheel races including Grand Prix racing, Formula 2 and Formula 3. The track is similar to Monaco and Macau with driving skill precision being paramount.

Circuit De Pau-Ville is available now for $7.55 from the Raceroom Store.

Ferrari 296 GT3 All Liveries Pack

The Ferrari 296 GT3 is the latest GT3 from Ferrari with a classic mid-engined/rear-wheel drive layout giving it balanced handling and amazing overall performance.

This new 19-livery pack is based on paint schemes from real-world Ferrari 296's like AF Corse and Kessel Racing. This means that you can run your own 296 GT3 championship in Raceroom or add the car to a multi-class field for up-to-date endurance-style racing.

The Ferrari 296 GT3 All Liveries Pack is available now from the Raceroom Store for $10.36.

Final thoughts

This is not a big content drop by any means but it's a positive sign that Sector3 Studios haven't forgotten about Raceroom and there's still a lot of life left in the game. Raceroom Racing Experience contains a very wide variety of content that we enjoy driving. We are spoiled for choice in 2024 when it comes to good-quality racing sims.

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