F1 24 - What we know so far

Every year we get a new F1 game from EA with new cars, new tracks and updated driver information. They also tend to add a couple of new features that essentially justify it being a full game and not just DLC being sold as a full-priced game. We'll discuss in this article everything we know so far about the game.

What's new?

The game will be released on 31 May 2024 on PC, Playstation and Xbox. Owners of F1 21, F1 22 and F1 23 will get a 15% discount if they preorder F1 24. This is of course good news for gamers that are planning to buy the game regardless of whether it may be a good game or a bad game.

Needless to say, the game will feature all of the cars, tracks and drivers as seen in this year's Formula 1 World Championship. The game will also include a new Career Mode and an improved handling model. We don't have any information on exactly what this means but we should know more over the next few weeks.

You will also get a few of the 2024 car liveries in advance of the game launch to play in F1 23. However, you can only use these liveries in Time Trial mode.

What's not new?

The game engine appears to be unchanged. This means that it will look the same as previous games. This may be good thing for people with older hardware but those players with newer hardware won't be able to make use of the advanced graphics that a new engine could provide.

There were some rumours a few weeks ago that F1 24 may be built on a brand new game engine but it seems that's not going to happen this year. Hopefully this changes for next year.

Final thoughts

We mentioned in a previous article that we think that the F1 games from EA are essentially DLC and it seems like this year is no different. EA is charging full price for a pack of new cars and tracks when they could have just updated F1 23.

We think that paying full price for the game when it's built on a brand-new engine is perfectly acceptable but nailing us every year for a handful of new cars and tracks is a ripoff. We won't be buying F1 24 on release or pre-order. We will only consider buying it when it has been deeply discounted several months after release.

We also think that it is time for EA to hand over the F1 license to another developer. They've had the licence for many years and don't seem to want to move the game forward. We've been getting a game that's based on the same engine for many years with no sign of anything changing. We doubt this will happen but until then, we'll stay away from buying F1 24 at full price.

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